Video games are a favorite hobby and pastime for people around the world. It is one of the best therapy as well for people who want to get in touch with problem-solving skills and other problems. Game designers and writers usually try to come up with characters, their motivations and the character’s story. Many video game designs require more than just a well-written plot and fun gameplay nowadays. Considering the requirements of current gamers and other industries related to gaming, new characters are being created. Many games also allow users to create their own video game characters or heroes out of the resources available in the game. You can take the example of different cosplayers who dress up as different gaming characters like Spiderman, characters from the Mortal Kombat Franchise, PUBG and many other games. 

There are different stages of Video game character creation where the character concept artists create initial sketches for the characters and create enemies for the game characters or heroes to compete within the game. They then produce different digital art assets that can become animated objects that you see within the game world. If you are someone who wants to learn creating characters for video games and for cosplay, there are so many artists that you can follow on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. You can also have a look at the RCN Cable TV. RCN has different sports and technology channels that are part of the RCN Channel Lineup as well. Also, you can have a look at the different ways to create your video game character by yourself. For now, let’s have a look at a few things that you should think about creating video game characters

Gather The Necesarry Ingredients Required For A Good Video game Character

There are different individuals who look after the different aspects of game character design. Many game designers, game writers, character artists and other people who are responsible for the design elements of the game put everything they need and have on the table. This is very helpful for people to create fun and believable video game characters. Once you have everything in place then you can add up all the pieces and elements in place. 

Create A Solid Back Story For Your Character

A good video game character has a personality, even if it is something that you don’t like. It is there. The game character you want to create should have enough details that can get you a good sense of what it is and what it can do in the gaming character. One of the best things to do in this regard is to categorize all characters you want to add to the game and what they will be capable of doing. You can also create a backstory that each character might have and carry with them. You can take the example of SubZero and Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat franchise and they carry an outstanding backstory of being sworn enemies of each other. This solid backstory makes these characters appear to be more competitive and widely unlocked by players and Mortal Kombat fans from around the world. You can even spice things up by creating a mysterious protagonist that can reveal enough information and ignite curiosity within the gameplay.

Get Your Players Some Strong Motivations 

One of the things that keep your players engaged is your video game character’s motivation and capacity to get things going in the game. When you define your video game character’s history and the ways it is related to the game ultimately makes the character have the will to fulfill the game objectives. This way the player also find it easy to stay on track when you are working your way out and accomplish missions. 

Your Player Should Evoke Sympathy And Other Emotions

Just like the other elements of the game, your character should carry some sort of emotion. When you are creating a game, a part of selling the game can be through your game’s character. Just like the entire game, your game’s characters should be able to connect emotionally with the players. For instance, when you are playing as an Assassin of the Assassin’s Creed, you go through different aspects that make the character’s entire persona. Like the Assassins have a sacred duty to fulfill and they have vengeance, patriotism and other elements as motivators. 

Establish A General Idea

Try to figure out the kind of character needed to establish your game’s story. You can start by making some broader choices before you dive into the specifics of your character. You have to determine whether it Is the main character of your game an anti-here or a benevolent pacifist. You can have a look at some inspirations from the work of some other game artists and some iconic characters. This way you will get some help and generate fresh ideas. 

Figure out their Journey

A character no matter it is good or bad, funny or serious is incomplete and incompetent without an emotional journey. This also affects the character of the protagonist and the other characters that revolve around them. Make sure that you know how your character responds to different problems or conflicts that will help you define who they are and how their activities are relative to other players. You can make sure that your character is full of empathy and other emotions needed to put life in the character. 

Provide Aesthetics that Your Game Can Relate

There are so many games that are known by their character designs and aesthetics by the fans who know the games that are part of the franchise. You can take the example of the Pokemon franchise. The games and their characters are always part of the culture and resonate with each other so well that no matter which season or series are they from, they are easily recognized by fans of the franchise. The same goes with the different Mortal Kombat games from the franchise. You can recognize the sound effects, the picture, the character and the overall gaming environment and experience, no matter which device you are playing the game on or no matter which series of the game you are playing. 


In the end, one can say that designing a video game character takes a lot of paperwork and planning before you decide on creating a character. It takes a lot more than sketching a character. It takes years of designing and planning before you put forward all the characters in the video game. Moving forward, these video game characters become a means of placing these characters in movies and to sell off different merchandise as well. 

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