A pair of shoes that you wear not only enhances and complements your look but also says much about your personality. However, at times finding a pair of shoes that goes well with a particular outfit and is comfortable at the same time can be a difficult task. Although there are different types of footwear, shoes are regarded as the most easy-to-carry and comfortable as it not only covers the whole of the foot but also have a protective sole. However, you cannot always wear shoes at all places and occasions, say, you cannot wear shoes at home all the time, especially during summers. Slippers for summer are the best footwear option. In addition to this, there are many footwear options and under each option, there are further bifurcations. However, here we shall just discuss different types of shoes.


ATHLETIC SHOES: Athletic shoes more often referred to as sneakers have become a craze among the present youth because of the available wide variety. These shoes are so designed that they are the most suitable footwear to be worn while doing any physical activity and for this purpose, this has a rubber sole and upper canvas and also an additional sole as a protection for the feet against the ground.

BROGUE SHOES: Any low-heeled shoe or loafer that features holes perforations are usually known as brogue shoes. These types are generally more common under the men’s section and are usually made up of leather. A wingtip is also a type of brogues that has W-shaped toe caps that are pointed and have wings that run along the side of the shoe and ends just before the foot’s ball. 

HIGH-HEELS: A shoe that has a heel height of more than an inch is termed a high heel shoe. The variety of shoes, sandals, stilettos that is available in high heels is vast. In addition to this, the heels are also available in different styles such as platform heels, wedges, thin heels, etc. 

OXFORD SHOES: These classic dress shoes lace up and have a low heel and slightly pointed toe. Although, there are many variations in these types of shoes polished black or brown leather is the most typical one. A blucher shoe is a typical type of oxford shoe that has an open lacing and is also known as a derby shoe. 

MONK STRAP SHOES: These types of shoes are quite similar to the oxford shoes except in terms of the lace. Instead of laces, the enclosure in monk strap shoes as the name suggests is a wide strap across the vamp. 

So, these were a few types of shoes although there are many more. You must choose your shoes wisely because they are a great source to showcase your identity as such a person is fun or funky. With the view to preserve the environment, recycled shoes have shown up in the market and have captured a great fraction of the market. 

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